Mark & Olivia Ott and Francis Brown

Mark & Olivia Ott and Francis Brown were kind enough to share the experience and knowledge they've gained by managing their forestland in Centre County, Pennsylvania.

FGB Family Foresters
[+] How did you get started conserving your woods?
[+] What did you want to accomplish by conserving your woods?
[+] What has been the biggest improvement in your woods since you started?
[+] What lessons have you learned along the way?
[+] Was it as hard as you thought before you got started?
[+] Were there any surprises along the way?
[+] What would you tell others who are thinking about managing and conserving their woods?
[+] Would you do it all over again?
[+] What has been most difficult about caring for your woodland?
[+] What do your neighbors, family and friends think?
[+] What has it been like working with natural resource professionals and foresters?