A Plan for Your Woodlands
1) Discover Your Woods

LandServer is a free to use tool that provides woodland owners with a quick and easy assessment of their property’s natural resources including soils, wildlife, and water. Knowing more about your woods can help you better enjoy them and keep them working for you. LandServer produces reports by analyzing a robust public database of geographic, environmental, physical, and other data sets. You can access your report(s) with your secure User ID and password.

2) Plan for Your Land

What do you like most about your land? Do you want to attract certain wildlife or maintain its aesthetics? Are you going to harvest some trees for firewood or supplemental income? What are those trees? Is that vine bad? Creating and following a management plan can help you better understand your wooded resource and how best to enhance its ability to provide its benefits.

We offer two different planning templates to help you get started. Once completed, you will be able to print your plan for your reference or to share with a natural resource professional. Creating your own User ID and password will allow you to save your plan on the site and access it anytime in the future.

Create Your Choice of Plan

  • The Woodland Conservation Plan   This peer reviewed plan is divided into six sections, and it allows you to thoroughly evaluate your woodland. It takes a few hours to complete in its entirety but can be completed over a period of time.
  • The Woodland Objectives Plan   This plan is less comprehensive than the Woodland Conservation Plan. It is designed for members who are just getting started with woodland management and takes about an hour to complete.

3) Never Stop Learning

There are a plethora of great resources, technical assistance and natural resource professionals out there to help you learn about and care for your woods. We have culled through a variety of web resources to create a clearinghouse of natural resource information. How can you identify your trees or attract certain wildlife? Who can you call locally for professional help? Is there a natural resource workshop taking place in you region? These questions and more can be answered on the Woodland Resource and Events pages.

Why Woodlands Need to be Managed

This region's woodlands have always afforded us a wealth of services from filtering our water and air to providing wildlife habitat to supplying products. For thousands of years they have endured natural disturbances like fires, storms and pests only to remerge with vigor and diversity. However, new human induced disturbances like sprawling development, air pollution, un-sustainable timber harvesting, invasive species and overabundant deer are stressing our remaining woodlands, causing them to become less resilient and less able to provide their invaluable services.